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Biographie A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing and Installing LED Tube Lights

1) Advantages of LED tubes over fluorescent tubes

The many advantages of LED tubes over fluorescents are covered quite extensively, so we won't go into depth, but the three primary advantages are:

Higher efficiency, energy savings (up to 30-50%)

Longer lifetimes (typically 50k hours)

No mercury

2) Fluorescent tubes sizes and LED tube light retrofitting

Because fluorescent fixtures are often mounted into ceilings and connected directly to mains electricity, they are relatively expensive and difficult to replace completely.

As a result, it oftentimes makes the most economical sense to simply use the same fluorescent fixture, but replace the fluorescent tube with an LED tube light.

Therefore, it is important to understand the types of fluorescent tubes that were developed, so that the correct LED tube light can be retrofitted in place.

Over the years, fluorescent tube manufacturers developed many varieties of sizes and types.

T8 4-ft: Four-foot T8 fluorescent lamps are the most commonly used type today. They are 48 inches in length and have a 1-inch lamp diameter.

T12 4-ft: Four-foot T12 fluorescent lamps are less efficient compared to T8 lamps. They are the same length as T8 lamps but have a larger 1.5-inch lamp diameter.

T5 4-ft: Four-foot T5 fluorescent lamps are typically the most efficient, and some of the newest types of lamps introduced in the 2000s in the USA. They are commonly designated T5HO (high output) and provide more brightness than their T8 counterparts. They are slightly shorter than four feet (45.8 inches). T5 lamps come in a variety of lengths such as 1-ft, 2-ft, and 3-ft versions and are commonly used in non-ceiling fixtures such as table lamps.

T8 and T12 tubes are also available in other lengths such as 8-ft tubes, but 4-ft lengths remain the most common types.

LED tube lights to replicate the mechanical dimensions to ensure that they can be true retrofit replacements, and adopt the same form factor names (e.g. 4-foot T8 LED tube light).

T8 and T12 fixtures are generally the same length and use the same pins, so mechanically they are usually cross-compatible.

T5 fixtures are NOT cross-compatible with T8 and T12 lamps due to their different pin sizes and actual length.

The features of LED panel lights

LED panel light is composed of backlight module, light, driving, frame structure and diffuser plate. Light irritates from both sides or edges of the light guide material and changes the light advancing direction after the processing of light interference pattern. Most of the interfered light will shine out directly from the diffuser plate and only a small amount of the light will be reflected on the reflective material fraction for a second secondary reflector. All these light shines out as far as possible to achieve the illumination purpose.

LED Panel Light is energy-saving: High energy efficiency and non-pollution, DC drive, ultra-low power consumption, saving more than 70% than traditional energy sources;

LED panel light is green: there is no ultraviolet ray or infrared ray in its spectrum, that is, no heat and no radiation. It is the typical green lighting that is safe to touch,;

LED panel light has long lifespan: presently the lifespan of LED has reached 100,000 hours or more. With the continuous development of LED technology and the popularity of its application, if the drive and the dissipation could basically achieve the ideal state, the lifespan of commercially available high-quality LED lamp basically could reach 10000-50000 hours, almost 10-50 times longer than normal halogen spotlights. ;

The flexible application of LED panel light: ultrathin and light, easy to install and space saving. It can be made into any graphic shape and any color, or even designing the color changing effects according to requirements;

The emitting mode of LED panel light: This light source is side-ting edge emission. The surface is bright and the light is even with no glare.

What are LED Tri-proof Lights

LED Tri-proof Lights are durable and eco-friendly alternative lighting systems to traditional fluorescent tubes. LED Tri-proof Lights are designed to withstand severe environments and will help you reduce your energy consumption by up to 80%.

LED Tri-proof Lights are specifically built to withstand conditions susceptible to water, dust and corrosion impacts. Ningbo Qisen Lighting tri-proof Lights are Incredibly durable and long lasting, they are highly resistant to heavy impacts.

· Apart from the many advantages such as 80% energy saving over traditional fluorescent tubes, Our LED Tri-proof Lights s fixture is extremely rugged. It comes along with high quality casing that makes it suitable for environments such as subway stations, hallways, stairwells and schools.

· Apart from its high efficiency and durability, its quality is also high. This is what makes our LED Tri-proof Lights ; the best lighting solution with a performance you can trust. Here are some of the advantages that make our LED Tri-proof Lights the best.

· Energy Saving

· LED Tri-proof Lights ; are suitable for applications where a low energy solution is required or when you want to cut down your energy spending. It saves up to 80% of energy compared to traditional fluorescent tubes.

· Components Saving

· Unlike the traditional fluorescent tubes, LED Tri-proof Lights do not require ballast and starter to operate.

· Extremely long life

· Solid State

· Eco-Friendly

· LED Tri-proof Lights does not emit any Hazardous rays such as UV or IR Radiation, and it does not contain lead or mercury either.

LED Floodlights: the Advantages

One of the best advantages of using LED Flood lights is the life expectancy; they last for thirty times longer than standard halogen floodlights. This reveals a variety of advantages: you will have more free space as you would not need to stock up on replacement halogen bulbs. Also the main power involved in swapping out defective halogen bulbs can be time consuming and expensive, especially if running a business which requires the use of floodlighting. Thus purchasing LED Floodlights works to be extremely cost effective for the client. LED Floodlights repay your investment with longer life and an exceptional reduction in electricity costs.

LED Floodlights have a higher lumen output than standard Floodlights. One LED Floodlight can have the same effect as two or even three standard Floodlights. This is a staggering statistic and it means that with the longer life expectancy and the exceptional brightness less room would be needed for storing your existing halogen equivalent floodlights. It also now means that security for your home and business is now affordable and is most importantly cost effective.

It is important to note when looking to install floodlights for outside use that they are IP65 rated. This means that they have been designed and tested to withstand weather conditions and are safe for outside use. This special rating of IP65 is not to be overlooked as it is essential to the performance of the light when used outside.

Portable floodlights are also available on the market and our ideal for workers at night. By incorporating a battery to floodlights workers can experience high quality LED lighting by only consuming a fraction of the electricity of an ordinary halogen floodlight. This has many advantages such as safety for the workers as a clear bright illumination. Also these would need to be IP65 rated also as even in the most testing weather conditions the clear, crisp light will continue to emit.

Advantages of LED Batten Lights over Fluorescent Tube Lights

LED Batten lights: LED Batten lights are energy-efficient, environment-friendly, produce less heat, are maintenance-free, and durable as compared to fluorescent tube lights. Also, LED batten lights to provide uniform lighting and offer significant savings on account of voltage and less power consumption. The LED technology is more sophisticated than fluorescent, incandescent, or halogen lights. They are the future of lighting because of their durability and performance. Given below are some of the advantages of LED batten lights:

1. Requires less current.

2. Higher light output compared to other sources.

3. You can choose the color.

4. 90% longer lifespan than fluorescent tube lights. And even at the end of their lifespan, you can easily dispose of and there will be no toxic waste left or no special treatment will be required in the procedure.

5. The light remains constant, but you can dim LEDs manually as per your convenience.

6. Energy efficient.

7. No mercury is used.

8. Produce less heat.

9. Environment-friendly, as it does not contain toxic chemicals, which represents virtually no hazard to the surroundings.

10. Best to use in schools, hospitals, factories and residential areas.

11. Flicker-free operation.

12. Virtually zero maintenance costs.

13. Lightweight and sleek design. 
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