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Biographie Rebar cutting machine is widely used in the manufacturing industry, especially for the manufacturers of rebars. They are also equipped with rebar cutting machines to cut the rebars, directly provide the customers with the processed steel, and improve the sales cost.

The electric rebar cutter improves the safety factor. The cutting work maybe dangerous if you use the wrong way to cut. You need to handle the sparks or flames produced by the steel bar. An electric rebar cutter and bender can resolve your problem easily. This cutter machine offers a far safer work environment without producing sparks of flames. And also, our electric hydraulic rebar cutter is in fast cutting speed. Using an electric cutting machine can make the cuts quickly. In most instances, this kind of machine can cut off the rebar in just a few seconds. The high cutting speed helps to speed up production process and improve the productivity, and then boost your profits.

Hydraulic punching machine is used in many industries but specifically in the metalworking industry. The punching press machine is used to manufacture different products in industries by making the hole in the workpiece used in automobiles, aerospace, manufacturing industry, defense equipment, etc.

In comparison with other rebar cutting systems, the scissors rebar cutter is one of the most portable cutters available in the market. The design of scissors rebar cutter tends to have the minimalistic approach to them. This design approach ensures that the cutter is small in stature, thereby making it easy to move around with it. It is also important to take note of the fact the rebar cutter weighs far less than other cutting solutions. Therefore, they are easy to carry around with you, thus improving on the portability element. From a logistic standpoint, scissors rebar cutters are the easiest to move around.

The cordless rebar cutter quickly and easily slices through up to number 6 rebar, or similar metal bar up to 0.79 in. in diameter. A powerful 20V Lithium-ion battery provides mobility and long lasting performance, making these tools the perfect go-to solution for the jobsite, including remote locations, or anywhere an external power source is not available. Highly durable blades maintain effectiveness throughout rigorous use.

Rebar bending machine is usually used for accuracy of bending angles. The machine is suitable for bending wide varieties of steel bars, TMT, and reinforcement bars etc used in construction. It is capable of bending the toughest rebars and its application is very extensive.

Electric rebar bender is designed scientifically. The compact structure makes it have strong durability. These are widely applied in reinforced-concrete construction which can bend rebars in various arcs and angles based on the design needs. Electric benders can bend different sizes and grades of rebar.

Rebar straightening machine is equipment that uses the curve rotation method to straighten and the hydraulic method to cut the rebar. The machine is applicable for straightening and cutting steel bars with 4-14mm diameter. 
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